Democrats Want Public to Ignore Evidence of DNC Staffer Source of Leaked Material to WikiLeaks

If a Republican or conservative has been responsible for leaking sensitive documents and emails from the Democratic National Committee last summer, every Democrat would be calling for that person’s head on a platter. However, as evidence of the leak to WikiLeaks points to one of their own staffers, who was tragically murdered, Democrats are trying to tell everyone to just ignore the evidence and continue to blame Russia and Trump campaign.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A campaign operative warns that if emails are found linking a slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer to the 2016 leak of thousands of the partisan organization’s internal emails, they should be disregarded because they could have been altered.

Brad Bauman issued the warning, which rehashes the DNC’s damage control strategy in the aftermath of Wikileaks publishing more than 44,000 internal committee emails. The leaks showed Donna Brazile, another Democratic campaign operative, tipped off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about debate questions in advance, among other revelations.

Brazile and other Democrats claimed for months the emails were “falsified.” However, Brazile admitted in March 2017 that the emails Wikileaks published were real, and she called giving the debate question to Clinton a “mistake I will forever regret.” (RELATED: “Here’s Cryptographic Proof That Donna Brazile Is Wrong, Wikileaks Emails Are Real.”)

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Democrats have always been this hypocritical when it comes to them doing anything wrong. They justify, deny, or just try to ignore that one of their own did anything wrong, but even when based solely on a rumor, they will run to the media screaming for the head of anyone else that may or may not have done anything wrong. For proof, look at how they continually defended Obama’s many illegal actions, and are now out of Trump’s blood without any solid evidence.




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