Democrat Pushes Legislation to Prevent Teachers from Protecting YOUR Kids

If an armed wacko or upset student were to start shooting at the school where your kids attend, wouldn’t you want a teacher or faculty member to be armed and able to defend your kid’s life? If a Democrat of California gets his way, that will never happen and your kid(s) could be among the next victims. It’s proof that Democrats don’t care about your kid’s safety. All they care about is their agenda.

Many Americans are fighting for teachers to be trained and licensed to carry on campus in case of a school attacker. This would make sense, since they are on the front lines and could save lives of their fellow employees and students by shooting and stopping an attacker. However, the Democrats are fighting to reverse that in any way they can.

Now, a Democratic assemblyman is pushing a bill that would guarantee teachers would not be allowed to fire back at an attacker. So this would render teachers and students as sitting ducks once again.

California legislator Kevin McCarty’s bill, AB 424, is working its way through the legislative process after it was introduced several months ago…

Democrats have been pushing all kinds of legislation to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves, their families or their home. Their agenda to disarm the American people is more important to them than the safety of you, your family or your home. Don’t forget, these are the same politicians that protect illegal aliens and convicted felons.

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