Crybaby Liberals Walkout of Pence Commencement Address

What just happened at the Notre Dame graduation ceremony is typical of today’s liberal millennials. When Vice President Mike Pence began his commencement address, a number of graduates walked out of the ceremony. It goes to prove that they are the most intolerant crybabies around. Even as young adults, if they don’t get their way, they throw their temper tantrums and pout, purposely causing a scene that is more of an embarrassment to them than anything else.

Some graduating seniors at the University of Notre Dame walked out of their own graduation ceremony to protest Vice President Pence when he began to deliver the commencement speech on Sunday morning.

Pence was chosen to give the commencement address at the nation’s most prominent Catholic university — even though the school ordinarily invites newly inaugurated presidents to give the address in their first year of office.  Thousands of students and faculty members signed a petition asking Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John Jenkins, not to invite President Trump, and the university chose instead to invite Pence, a former Indiana governor.

A coalition of student activist groups at Notre Dame called We StaND For planned a walkout to protest policies Pence pursued as governor that they say targeted the most vulnerable…

These spoiled brats are destined to have a crude awakening when they enter the working world. Most employers will not tolerate their antics and infantile intolerance. As an employer, I had some young people working for me like that, but they didn’t work for me very long. It’s time these young adults grow up and start acting their age instead of acting like 2 or 3-year-olds. Maybe they need a good spanking!

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