Crooked DA Prosecuting Man for Defending Business

Mississippi, like many other states, have what is referred to a Castle Domain or Stand Your Ground law that allows a person to use reasonable force, including lethal force, to defend their person, family, friends, home or business. However, some liberal Democrats want to ignore a person’s right to defend themselves, home or business, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law anyway. Such is the ongoing saga of Wayne Parrish.

In July 2016, Parish was working at Performance Oil in Jackson, Mississippi. Yvette Mason-Sherman was driving her 17-year-old son Charles McDonald to the Henley-Young Youth Detention facility that was next door to Performance Oil. Charles had been at the detention center eight times in the past two years and was a repeat criminal well on his way to a life in prison.

He jumped out of his mom’s moving car as it neared the detention center and made his way to the parking lot of Performance Oil. He spotted a Lexus ES-350 in the parking lot and picked up a large rock and tried to break out the car’s window so he could steal the car.

McDonald’s action got the attention of Parish who exited the building he worked in, carrying a .38 Smith & Wesson. Parish pointed the gun at McDonald and ordered him to leave the premises. Instead of leaving as ordered, McDonald lunged at Parish and tried to wrestle the gun away from him. About thirty seconds into the scuffle, McDonald was shot in the chest. He collapsed to the ground.

After police and paramedics arrived, McDonald was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Parish fully cooperated with police as they investigated the shooting. Witnesses backed up what Parish told police. They also found a surveillance video of the parking lot that caught the entire incident between Parish and McDonald. The video also supported what Parish and witnesses told police.

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After their investigation, the police determined that Parish had acted legally under Mississippi’s Castle Domain law and that the incident was caused by McDonald lunging and trying to steal the gun. With McDonald’s record and from what they saw on the video, police were convinced that had McDonald been able to get the gun away from Parish that the teenager would have shot and probably killed Parish. No charges were filed against Parish.

However, more than five months later, the Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith charged Parish with first-degree murder. He was arrested and spent the next 12 days in jail without bond, trying to figure out what was happening. In January, a judge set Parish’s bond at only $50,000, which is extremely low for a first-degree murder charge.

The police disagree with Smith and believe that no charges should have ever been filed against Parish. It seems the courts also don’t believe in the guilt of Parish by setting such a low bond for his release.

District Attorney Smith is a Democrat – no surprise there. However, he also is facing multiple criminal felony charges that could not only get him disbarred from practicing law, but send him to prison. He was initially charged with six-counts of illegally advising and consulting with people charged with criminal offenses. The charges were filed by the State Attorney General’s office.

Yet, for some strange reason, he is being allowed to continue serving as the top law enforcement official in the county.

At the bond hearing for Parish, Smith told the judge that he had just learned of the surveillance video 3 days prior and had not had a chance to review it. To many, this equates to incompetence and legal malfeasance on the part of Smith.

However, Parish is still scheduled to go to trial on May 30 and will undoubtedly spend a fortune trying to defend himself in a trail that should never take place in the first place, all because some liberal Democrat disagrees with the law and is incompetent to do his job.



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