Courts Favoring Democrat Redistricting

For decades, both Republicans and Democrats have tried to re-define voting districts to their political party an advantage over the other party. The practice is call gerrymandering after the former governor of Massachusetts and Vice President of the United States. There have been a number of gerrymandering legal cases to reach the court system, which is obviously still filled with liberal judges, as the majority of their rulings have gone against Republicans.

This year, federal courts have been litigating a steady stream of gerrymandering claims. And most of the electoral maps the courts have knocked down were drawn by Republicans.

That’s good news for Democrats: They have an opportunity in several states to draw more favorable congressional and state legislative maps ahead of 2018 elections. And every seat counts, given the 2020 Census is right around the corner, which brings with it the opportunity in many states to draw new district maps.

Some Republican legislatures are paying the price for recapturing 21 chambers in the 2010 elections, the last time electoral maps were being drawn. Monday, North Carolina became the third GOP-controlled state legislature in a row to get its map-drawing skills declared illegal by the Supreme Court…

Obama appointed over 200 federal judges who are still using their benches to push their liberal agenda and destroy everything good and decent about America. Until the judges are removed from their courtrooms, they will continue to destroy America. The Constitution says a judge is appointed as long as he or she is in good behavior, not for life. Judges who rule on agenda are not in good behavior and therefore should be removed from their benches.

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