Country Superstar Slams Washington Politicians

When you look at the majority of politicians in Washington DC, is there really any difference between Republicans, Democrats and Independents other than which side of the aisle they sit? Yes, there are many differences between conservatives and liberals but there are also many similarities that makes them all look the same.

Let’s take the scandals rocking the Trump administration. There is the alleged connection between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. There is the alleged charge that Trump tried to get then FBI Director James Comey to drop the Russian investigation. If you ask the liberal Democrats, they’ll probably name several other scandals.

What about the scandals that plagued the Obama administration? Have they just faded away with the changing of the guard? There was Operation Fast & Furious, murders of 4 Americans at Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives and Christians, abuse of power by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in connection with the Clinton Family Foundation, foreign money donated to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton campaign and there was the huge scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for sending classified information.

We could also list numerous times when Barack Obama violated the US Constitution and federal laws. He had no authority to instruct the Justice Department to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act a year before the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Obama had no authority to instruct the Department of Homeland Security to stop fully enforcing federal immigration laws. Obama violated the Constitution when he kept changing parts of Obamacare – It was an act passed by Congress and only Congress is legally allowed to make changes, not a sitting president. Obama also violated the Constitution when he bypassed Congress to free up millions of dollars and the sale of fighter jets to terrorist controlled Egypt. The list goes on and on and on about how Obama violated laws and the Constitution.

Both political sides are mostly guilty of crimes and scandals, but more importantly, they are both guilty of dereliction of duty and betrayal of the American people. Most of Washington’s politicians spend half or more of their time raising donations for their party and re-election campaigns. Makes you wonder what we voted them into office for, doesn’t it?

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Both parties are also guilty of fighting against each other that they are incapable of doing the job they were voted into office to do. They remind me of the famous Hatfield & McCoy feud. The two families fought and killed each for so many years that no one could remember what they were fighting over.

Country music superstar Charlie Daniels agrees and wrote: An Open Letter to Every Ilk of Politician. His letter reads in part:

“This is an open letter to Democrats, Republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives and every other ilk of politician who is elected by the votes of Americans.”

“While I realize that there are two, three or sometimes more sides to a story and understand the importance of representing the views of the electorate that put you in office, what I simply cannot understand is the partisan intransigence that would prevent grown, mature men and women from showing the molecule of reason it takes to reach decisions based on something other than that the opposing party supports it.”

“And in your self-righteousness zeal to toe your party’s line, you have completely forgotten about we the people and the welfare of the nation you’re supposed to be serving…”

“Well, let me tell you something boys and girls, this ain’t no game and you’re treating it like one, your acid pot shots at your opponents, your blind party loyalty, your seething opposition to anything the other party supports is one of the prime factors in the deep divisions we are experiencing and the almost universal distrust the public feels for you.”

“You play fast and hard with the truth when it suits your purposes, become chameleons, changing shapes and even nationalities, if it gives you any slight edge.”

“Some of you even sink to telling blatant lies even at the expense of whoever happens to be standing in your way.”

“You will even carry your folly so far as to shut down the government rather than sitting down like rational human beings and working out your differences.”

“We send you people to office to work together, not to preen for the TV cameras or spend half your term trying to get elected to another term.”

“If any business in this nation handled their affairs in the way you people do, they would miserably fail, and that’s exactly what you people are doing, miserably failing.”

“You work for we the people, not your political party and you’d damn well better start acting like it.”

“America is bleeding and we don’t need you deepening the wound.”

No could have said it any better. It’s time Americans demand that the men and women they elect to Congress start doing the job they were elected to do and stop acting like school kids fighting on the school playground over who gets to bat first. They are adults and need to start acting like it or Americans should fire the entire bunch of them.




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