Civil War Could Erupt if Liberals Oust Trump

Six months after the election and Democrats are still whining and fusing and conniving to find any way possible to remove Trump from office and put Hillary Clinton in the White House. A growing number of political experts are warning that if the Democrats succeed, that there is a good chance the civil war could break out between upset conservatives and liberals who are bent on destroying our nation.

The contentious election of 2016 is over, whether or not the defeated democrats are willing to admit that fact or not.

As soon as Hillary Clinton was finally convinced to concede to Donald Trump, some twelve hours after being soundly defeated, the left began a new campaign of defamation against The Donald.  They then attempted, in farcical fashion, to come up with new and insane ways to upend the entire democratic process, somehow clinging to the idea that they could still intervene before Trump was sworn in as Commander in Chief.

Inauguration Day came and passed, and we were introduced to President Donald J. Trump.  Still, the left refused go go quietly into the night with any semblance of dignity.  Days prior to Trump’s inauguration, whispers and murmurs regarding impeachment had already begun to spread about Washington, like a slowly congealing puddle of filth in the marble halls of government.  Now, months later, we are still being assaulted by liberal anarchists’ ridiculous plans to end the presidency of number 45 early…

At times, there was talk of a civil war when Obama was in office because of all the things he was doing to destroy our nation. Democrats want to continue that destruction which is why conservatives elected Trump, even with his uncontrollable mouth and tweets. Yes, I could see a civil war break out between liberals and conservatives if they find a reason to oust Trump, especially considering that Obama did far worse than anything Trump has even been accused of.

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