Chicago Police Superintendent Pushing for Higher Bonds for Gun Crimes

If there is any one city plagued with more historical crimes than Washington DC, it has to be Chicago. For years, the city had one corrupt politician after another. Perhaps the most recent were Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and former Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The city also has a history of gangsters including Al Capone, Bugs Moran, Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger and Barack Obama. The city also has its list notorious murderers and criminals including Ted Kaczynski, John Wayne Gacy, Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama.

Now the city is being run a former Obama White House Chief of Staff and disciple, Rahm Emanuel.

The state of Illinois has some pretty strict gun control laws, part of which is their FOID program from granting the right to own a gun in the state. Cook County also has strict gun control laws on top of those imposed by the state. Then you can add Chicago’s gun control laws and ordinances, and the residents of the Windy City are among those with the tightest grip strangling their Second Amendment rights.

The result is that the city is overrun with crime and gun violence. For the past several years, gun violence has been increasing in Chicago at an alarming rate. At one time, Mayor Emanuel blamed the police, which was a really stupid thing to do. He has also been talking about more and stricter gun control laws, if that were possible. It seems the next stage in Chicago’s push for more gun control would be a total ban of all guns.

In a desperate measure to do something about the skyrocketing gun violence, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is pushing for tougher and higher bail bonds for people charged with gun crimes. He says that the current bail bond system is nothing more than a revolving door with violent criminals going in and then right back out again.

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Speaking at a news conference, Johnson stated:

“For us, as a logically thinking society, wouldn’t it be prudent for us to make sure those violent people stay where they are until they get their day in court? Makes sense to me, so we do need to look at all aspects of our judicial system and tighten it up.”

“Let’s face it: If you had an organization, and your enforcers were your best people to get done what you wanted to do, wouldn’t you spend every resource you had to keep them out? Well, gangs, they’re not stupid. They need these shooters out on the street, because that’s what they do — they shoot people.”

Mayor Emanuel has been blaming everything else under the windy sun except the real reason – people with no direction in life. They are taught in public schools, those that attend, that there is no God and that they need to worry about themselves and no one else. They are taught survival of the fittest, which goes hand in hand with the huge gang problem the city has. The stronger, meaner and violent a gang is, the more powerful they feel.

Until Emanuel and Johnson realize the real heart of the problem, they’ll never fix the problem. They’ll legislate this and that and it still won’t solve the problems of gun violence, crime in general and the unrest of the dissatisfied and directionless people will continue, until they are given a worthwhile direction which can only come from opening their Bible and then their hearts.



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