Chicago Approves Flying Pig Display to Hide Name on Trump Tower

It’s common for children to do strange things when they are upset and don’t get their way. That’s the way the city of Chicago is acting by approving a display of four large flying pigs that will be suspended in the air to hide Donald Trump’s name on the Chicago Trump Tower. It’s another example of just how intolerant and childish liberal Democrats are still acting nearly 6 months after losing the election.

When architect Jeffrey Roberts first came up with the idea for “Flying Pigs on Parade,” the possibility that Donald Trump would clinch the presidency seemed like a “when-pigs fly” situation. Unrealistic.

The phrase has taken a whole new meaning now that his plan to cover up Trump’s name on his eponymous Chicago hotel with flying golden pigs is officially on the go.

Roberts, of architecture design firm New World Design Ltd (NWD), has been given the go ahead to provide “relief to the citizens of Chicago” from the “visual noise” that is Trump’s ostentatious monument to his ego.

It’s time for Democrats to grow up and accept what happened. If their kids acted like that, they’d be punished or should be. Perhaps the solution is to take every Democrat who is still sulking and throwing temper tantrums over the election to have their butts spanked and then told to grow up they’ll get it again.

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