Chances Are You May Develop One of the Common Forms of Cancer

Several million Americans hear the dread words from their doctor every year that they have cancer. The big C. It sends shivers of fear down the spine of the strongest person. No one wants to hear that they have cancer. But do you have any idea what the most common forms of cancer are or what your chances are of developing one of them?

‘You have cancer’ is the phrase we all dread hearing from our doctor. Cancer is something that happens to other people, not you. However, do you know that the vast majority of Americans will hear that frightening statement from their doctor.

Knowing that, do have any idea of what the more common forms of cancer are?

To begin with there are over 200 different forms of cancer. Some are fairly rare and others are so common that you may not sleep well tonight after reading this.

In 2009, over 2 million Americans were diagnosed with just the 10 most common forms of cancer. The twelve most common types of cancer listed at the time and the number of cases diagnosed just that year per one source for 2009 were:…

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Knowing the more common forms of cancer may help you take measures to lower your risk of developing them. Changing diets have been shown to reduce certain chemicals in the body that foster cancer growth. Increasing activity like more exercise and reducing stress can also reduce the risk of some cancers. The more you know, the better your chances of survival are.




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