CBO Claims GOP Healthcare Bill to Leave 23 Million Uninsured

One has to wonder about the Congressional Budget Office. They stated that Obamacare would provide healthcare coverage for tens of millions of previously uninsured Americans. Most of the people that found affordable coverage were lower income people who relied on federal subsidies. However, millions of Americans lost coverage due to Obamacare. Now the same CBO is warning that the GOP plan will leave 23 million Americans uninsured, but how can anyone believe them?

Twenty-three million fewer Americans would have insurance under legislation that House Republicans narrowly passed last month, the Congressional Budget Office reported on Wednesday.

The agency also predicted the deficit would come down by $119 billion over the next decade ― and that premiums for people buying insurance on their own would be relatively lower than those premiums would be if the Affordable Care Act stays in place.

But the reasons health insurance would be less expensive for some aren’t much to cheer about, the budget report makes clear. Prices would come down for healthy people because those who are sick or have illness in their medical histories would have less access to coverage ― and the policies available on the market would tend to be a lot less comprehensive…

Not only has millions of Americans lost their healthcare coverage due to Obamacare, but more and more health insurance providers are dropping Obamacare coverage and plans. That means that many more will lost their coverage if nothing is done. Still more will drop their coverage due to premiums increasing by more than 50% annually.

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