British Send ISIS a Message on Missile

The British may be giving way to liberalism, but they have more pride and patriotism than many Americans. Incidents like the terrorist bombing in Manchester, has not only raised the ire and anger of some of Britain’s military personnel, but it’s also brought a sense of vengeance and pay-back. This is why some of them wrote a message to ISIS on a missile being readied to strike one of their locations.

Members of the Royal Air Force wrote a personal message on a missile targeting ISIS fighters after the militant group claimed responsibility for Monday’s deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert.  

A photo circulated Thursday of the missile with the words “Love from Manchester” scrawled on with black marker. A spokesperson for the RAF told The Sun it was real. 

“The RAF can confirm the photo was geniune,” the spokesperson said…

Ever hear the expression, ‘pay back is a bitch’? That’s probably the sentiment felt by many members of the British military as they take part in strikes against ISIS locations in Syria and Iraq. If anything, the Manchester bombing has given the British military a strong sense of resolve to defeat the terrorists.

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