Breast Cancer Patients Can Find Financial Help Through Organization

Breast cancer is not only a deadly disease affecting millions of women physically, but it also affects them emotionally and financially. The last thing a woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer needs, is the stress of how to pay the bills or make ends meet. The months of treatment can also mean months without an income. Now there is an organization to help.

Nothing can be more devastating for a woman than hearing a doctor tell her she has breast cancer. She is filled the fear and panic. She fears dying and losing part of her feminine charm. She begins to dread and fear the nauseating treatments she has heard so much about and she fears what this will do to her family.

As the news of having breast cancer sinks in, she begins to fear the financial strain breast cancer treatment will have on her and her family. If she has insurance, it usually only pays for part of the expenses, but we all know that insurance companies find as many ways to refrain from paying medical bills and for the flimsiest of reasons.

As her treatment begins, she finds that it’s difficult to show up to work every day. She is frequently nauseous and feels quite weak. She begins to call in sick to work until her sick time is used up and then she hopes to be able to use what vacation time she has to help pay the bills that begin to arrive in the mail…

Breast cancer is a personal thing that many women try to keep to themselves. They also tend to keep their struggles private, which if they do, may hinder their treatment by placing more stress upon them. Breast cancer patients need to reach out to others for emotional, physical, emotional and moral support. A heavy load is best carried by many shoulders.

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