Biographer Claims Obama Dumped White Live-in Girlfriend Because Her Color Could Jeopardize His Political Ambitions

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama and many fellow Democrats kept telling the American people that his campaign had NOTHING to do with race or the color of his skin. However, the vast majority of black Americans only saw the color of his skin and voted solely on that and nothing else. Many black Americans made the election a matter of race, ignoring the fact that Barack Obama was only half black and half white. I thought it humorous and sad that a number of black Americans who were interviewed and told that Obama was half white, denied it to be true and claimed he was all black.

After spending nearly a year of telling the American people that race had nothing to do with his campaign, he proudly took the oath of office and declared himself to be the first black president and that he would work to help black Americans to better their lives.

When the 2014 elections came around, many black Americans complained that Obama had failed to keep any of his promises to his fellow black citizens. Others said he only made things worse by fueling the fires of racial hatred and bigotry. One thing is sure and that is that Obama had no problem violating federal laws and misusing his powers to protect black activists who also fueled the fires of racial hatred and bigotry.

That was demonstrated when he ordered the Justice Department to drop all charges filed against two members of the New Black Panthers. The two men had been charged with federal felonies for voter intimidation. They had been observed and videoed intimidating voters to vote for Obama in Philadelphia during the 2008 November election. In 2012, Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams, was told to dismiss the case against the two men. He was so upset because it was an open and shut case, that he resigned from the Justice Department. Not long after that, it was revealed Barack Obama had marched with the two members of the New Black Panthers at a protest rally in Selma, Alabama in 2007.

After the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Obama publicly attacked law enforcement nationwide while at the same time defending Brown. Brown was proven to have been a thug who refused to comply with Police Officer Darren Wilson. Brown physically assaulted Wilson, fracturing his eye socket. Had Brown just complied with Officer Wilson to begin with, he would never have been shot and killed, but Obama stood by the black criminal and got his Justice Department involved in the attempted prosecution of the white police officer.

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Now, a new biography of Obama claims that before he met and married Michelle Robinson, he had a live-in girlfriend for a couple of years and after proposing to her on two occasions, he eventually dumped her because she was white and her skin color might interfere with his political aspirations.

According to a report in The Washington Free Beacon:

“According to a new biography of Barack Obama, the future president once proposed to his white live-in girlfriend, but broke off their relationship when he decided her race would hamper his political career.”

“In his autobiographies, Obama only alludes to his previous relationships before meeting his eventual wife Michelle, and at times even used a ‘composite girlfriend.’ But Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Garrow managed to track down one of his exes for his new book, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama…”

“But eventually Obama began to see Jager as a potential liability to his political career in Chicago, where African-American politicians were often looked down upon for marrying outside the race. Illinois state senator Richard H. Newhouse Jr., the Washington Post notes in its review of Garrow’s book, was often mocked behind his back for ‘talking black but sleeping white’ because of his white wife.”

The book also reveals more shocking things about Obama’s young adult life that would most definitely have kept him from being elected to the White House had it been known at the time.

If the biography is true, it shows first that Barack Obama had no moral conviction by sleeping with a woman before being married. I know this sounds old fashioned and is socially acceptable today, it’s not acceptable to anyone who professes to be a Christian. It’s known as fornication which is a sin.

Secondly, it shows that Obama was a racist who cared more about this political career before he had one, than he did about other people, including whom he professed to love enough to twice propose to.

The more we learn about Barack Obama, the more despicable he becomes, if that’s possible. America has had corrupt politicians in the past, including Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson and a whole flock of senators, representatives, governors and more. However, Barack Obama is by far the worst, most corrupt, evil and self-centered of them all.


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