Atheists Force Public School to Shut Down Before School Bible Club

Have you ever noticed that atheists and agnostics are among the most angry and intolerant people in America? Famed atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair who prompted the Supreme Court case to ban prayer in public schools, also appeared to be a woman filled with hate and anger, whenever she was interviewed. They cannot tolerate anyone to express their constitutional rights, especially the First Amendment right of freedom of religion. They continually claim that there is a constitutional separation of church of state, when in fact no such provision is in the Constitution. It was mentioned in a letter and nothing more. Now, a leading atheist organization has forced a public school to shut down a before school Bible club for 1st and 2nd graders because some teachers were involved.

The folks who run the school district in Bartlett, Tennessee have shut down a grade school Bible Club.

Since last fall, first and second graders at Altruria Elementary School have gathered before the school day to read Bible stories under the watchful eyes of teachers.

But all that changed when the school district capitulated to a bunch of militant atheists and agnostics and abruptly shut down the Bible club.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation believes the Bible club is a violation of the Establishment Clause and they fired off a threatening letter to the school district.

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“This club, which functions as a Bible class, is unconstitutional because public schools may not provide religious instruction,” wrote FFRF attorney Rebecca Markert.

Jefferson commented about his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, saying that the government should not have any state sponsored church like the Church of England and other government controlled churches in various European countries at that time. He was not against the government being involved with religion, and in fact endorsed some biblical views in many aspects of government life. If he knew how his letter was being misused and abused today, he would weep and turn over in his grave.




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