Anti-Gun Homeowner Changes Tune After Home Invasion

Many anti-gun fanatics have never been in a situation where they needed to defend themselves or their homes. All they know is to spout the same old nonsense rhetoric that’s been used for years. However, that can easily change once they find themselves in harm’s way. Such is the case with a woman in Mississippi.

The Second Amendment has been under attack in America for decades, thanks to liberal lawmakers and their distorted opinions.

While the original intent of the document was to protect our newly minted nation from a tyrannical government, such as the one that we had just broken free from, modern America’s uses for the right to bear arms is far more versatile.  Alongside the protection of our nation’s sovereignty from within, armed Americans have been an enormous deterrent for nations outside of our borders who wish us harm.  The sheer amount of firearms in the United States has kept any and all invading armies at bay for well over a century.

Then, of course, we have hunting and home defense; two wonderful collateral effects of the Second Amendment…

I’ve spoken with anti-gun people and none of them have ever found themselves in a situation where they needed to defend themselves, their loved ones or their home. They’ve actually told me that people shouldn’t own guns or keep them loaded in their homes. That is until they wish they had a loaded gun for the same reason they were so eager to deny others of.

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