Do Americans Believe Manchester Attack Will Happen Here in US?

On Monday, May 22, Salman Abedi detonated a suicide bomb at the exit of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in Manchester England. The explosion killed 22 people, including an 8-year-old girl and female off-duty police officer. It also injured over 100 other people and set the remainder of the concert crowd in a panic.

Investigation into the terrorist attack has led to the arrest of around 14 other people connected to Abedi, including his father and brother. Additional bomb making supplies were discovered and authorities believe there was a second bomb, but they have no idea where the second bomb is or who may have it.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has declared the threat level in the UK is the highest possible due to the threat of more attacks by the network of terrorists associated with Abedi. Nearly 1,000 British troops have been stationed at numerous key locations around Manchester and the rest of the nation in addition to the police being on the highest alert. Up to 3,800 troops may be assigned to specific locations on the streets of Manchester and London.

Abedi’s parents immigrated to the United Kingdom from Libya over 20 years ago. Abedi, 23-years-old, was born in the United Kingdom. His father and brother were detained and arrested back in Libya, after the bombing.

Do Americans believe a Manchester-style attack is likely to happen here in the US?

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Before revealing the answer, allow me to share my persona concern. A number of ranchers in southern Arizona have reported finding numerous Muslim items left behind by illegals crossing into America. Among the items found are Korans and other printed material, along with prayer rugs and articles of clothing typical of Muslim women. These ranchers have shared their concerns about the likelihood of any terrorists being among the growing number of illegals crossing their property. This occurred during the lax eight-years of the Obama regime who refused to secure the borders or care about national security.

During this time, there were also reports of ISIS being in contact with Mexican drug cartels to help arrange corridors for their travel into the US. There was a report of an ISIS training base operating in Mexico near the border town of Ciudad Juarez just across the river from El Paso, Texas. Yet, Obama still refused to secure the border or stop the flow of illegals into the US. In 2015, just one group of 14 Muslim men were arrested while trying to cross into the US illegally from Mexico into Arizona.

Therefore, I personally believe that not only will a Manchester-type terrorist attack happen in the US, but I am surprised we haven’t seen one already.

As for likely US voters?

When Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters if they believed a Manchester-like attack is likely to happen here in the US, 41% said that it was somewhat likely to happen within a year and another 36% said it is very likely to happen in the next year.

After the Brussels attack in March, only 63% of voters said they believed a similar attack was very or somewhat likely to happen here in the US, compared to the combined 77% who believe is it likely or somewhat likely to happen here in the next year.

Has the Manchester attack changed American voters’ concerns about attending a large crowd-gathering event like concert? Fifty-one percent say it hasn’t changed their minds at all while 28% said they are less likely to attend a large crowd-gathering even like a concert.

The bottom line is that thanks to the failed policies of Barack Obama, the US is likely to experience terrorist attacks like what have happened in Brussels and Manchester. President Trump tried to enact a temporary ban on all immigration and refugees from countries known to produce the majority of terrorists, but again, liberal judges believe they are more powerful than the President. All Trump wanted was time for his people to create and implement a better vetting system than Obama had. Don’t forget, Obama’s vetting system allowed the San Bernardino terrorist into the nation after being ‘properly vetted’.

What do you think? Do you think there will be a Brussels or Manchester-type terrorist attack here in the US?


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