American Women Having Difficulty Passing Basic Training Even with Lower Standards

Feminists pushed for equality, insisting they could compete with men on an equal basis, but they are finding that’s more difficult than they realized. More women are entering the military as new opportunities are opening up to them. However, many women are finding it more than challenging just trying to complete basic training. The standards were lowered for them from what the men have to face, but it’s still proving to be a struggle for many.

It is no secret that men are biologically stronger than women. Overall, even with training, men will still be stronger than women. This is not an attack on the female population, it’s just science.

Did you know that almost HALF of the women who have tried to make it through basic military training, One Station Unit Training (OSUT), at Fort Benning in Georgia did not make it? That’s even with the requirements being altered to fit women.

Those women who can make it through are absolute beasts. I don’t know that I, an averagely fit female, could make it through military training. So, I give made props to those who can. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are making it through with altered requirements. If a woman is in the military, she needs to be able to keep up with the men…

Women expect to serve alongside men, yet they are trained at a lower level than the men and still finding it difficult. The real problem lies when they get on the battle front and their lives depend on each other. If women can’t cut the grade, then are they placing the lives of men serving with them in danger? That’s a concern expressed to me by a friend who was in Iraq with women in his unit.

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