Why Does America Need a Black National Anthem?

In today’s screwed up America, we are NO longer the United States of America. Instead, we should change the name of the nation to the Un-United Ethnically Separated America.

Face it, thanks to liberals who have pushed ethnic divide and separation, we are no longer a united nation. I’ve felt that way for the past 8-years but reading about President Donald Trump joining a group of teachers singing what was referred to as the Black National Anthem was the final straw that forced me to speak out.

Last Wednesday, President Trump hosted state and national teachers of the year in the Oval Office. First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen, joined the President in honoring the teachers for their achievements. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as a group, Minnesota teacher of the year Abdul Wright asked Trump if they could sing the Black National Anthem.

That’s the name given to the hymn Lift Every Voice and Sing. James Weldon Johnson originally wrote the words as a poem in 1899. Johnson is a black civil rights activist, who was the principal at Staton School, a segregated school in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1900, Booker T. Washington visited the school and in honor of the occasion, 500 students recited Johnson’s poem.

In 1905, Johnson’s brother, John Rosamond Johnson put his brother’s words to music. In 1919, the NAACP labeled the hymn as The Negro National Anthem. Today, it’s sung by many as the Black National Anthem.

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I understand why blacks want their own national anthem, but where does it stop? What ethnic group will be next? Is there an American Indian National Anthem or Hispanic National Anthem? What about an Irish-American National Anthem?

Everyone seems to forget that at one time, thousands of Irish immigrants were enslaved and despised here in America. They were treated badly and highly discriminated against.

In some areas of the western and southwestern United States, numerous Chinese, Mexicans and American Indians were also enslaved by greedy white settlers and industrialists.

In the late 1800s and early 1900’s tens of thousands of children and women were virtually enslaved in sweat shops where conditions were dangerous, unhealthy and not much better than prisons.

There are probably other examples of some ethnic groups being enslaved or nearly enslaved, that I have omitted, and perhaps they all deserved their own national anthem.

However, at some point in time, everyone needs to put the past behind them. What happened 150 years was then, not now. If this is going to really be the UNITED States of America, then why shouldn’t we all realize that we are all Americans now and not just white, black, Hispanic, Irish, Chinese, American Indian etc.?

It’s great to remember one’s heritage and honor that, but it should not take over our lives. I’m mostly German and English, and I treasure knowing as much about my heritage as possible, but here and now, I’m an American. I’m not a German-American nor am I a German-English-American, I’m just an American. That doesn’t mean that I have forgotten my German and English ancestors, customs, recipes, etc.

Uniting America HAS to start with all of the different ethnic groups that fight so hard to live in the past, not the now. They need to put away things like a Black National Anthem and sing the American National Anthem and Pledge Allegiance to the American flag, not a black, Hispanic, Irish, Chinese, German, English, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, American Indian flag.

The activist groups creating the division in America are the ones responsible for the division and ethnic strife we see in our nation today and they are the only ones that can take the necessary steps in ending the strife and division. Peace has to start with the ones causing the trouble and things like a Black National Anthem only serve to reinforce all the hatred and division tearing this nation apart.


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