ALERT: DNC Plans Nationwide Summer Campaign to Regain Control of Congress

At the moment, the Donald Trump presidency seems to be embroiled in one controversy after another, even though many of them are unfounded and nothing more than ‘fake news’ stories by the liberal media. The Democratic National Committee is planning a nationwide summer blitz in hopes of reclaiming more controls at the state and federal level. Their slogan is being called the ‘Resistance Summer’.

The Democratic National Committee is reportedly planning to pump $1 million dollars into everything from rallies, town halls and neighborhood meetings in hopes to grow voter opposition to President Trump.

The so-called “Resistance Summer” is billed as a 50-state strategy. The DNC plans to hold events across the country in early June before sponsoring a national training summit in the hopes of attracting scores of new Democratic voters, the Hill reported.

The move is the party’s first concrete expansion plan since Tom Perez took over as chairman…

With the national mainstream media in full support of Democrats and their hatred for Donald Trump, Republicans and conservatives, the gullible American people will be inundated with liberal anti-Trump propaganda all summer long. It promises to be a long, hot summer filled with political hatred and vitriol, the likes our nation has never seen before.

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