9-1-1 Caller Left on Hold for 17 Min. While Man Lay Dying

Sadly, far too many people simply dial 9-1-1 for anything and everything instead of calling local police or others for ordinary things. What happens is the 9-1-1 lines get clogged up to the point that people with real immediate emergencies cannot get through. Such may have been the case in Kansas City, Missouri as a caller was place on hold by 9-1-1 operators while a local business owner lay dying.

A local comic book fixture was killed Friday as he tried to stop a robbery. Now police need the public’s help to track down the villain.

FOX 4’s Dave D’Marko went to Clint’s Comics near 39th and Main Street to see how Jim Cavanaugh is being remembered.

Clint’s Comics just celebrated its 50th anniversary here in Kansas City last weekend, so his death is making a big impact. People were dropping off flowers at front of the store.

Police said someone robbed the comic book store a little before 1 p.m. Friday…

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Calling 9-1-1 is supposed to be the best way to get someone the emergency help they need, but what if, like in this case, no one can be reached in time? Most people are afraid of getting involved for fear of being sued, but I’ve had several occasions where I jumped in to save a life and I got thanked, not sued. As a Christian, I just can’t stand by and watch someone die without trying to help. If only more people were like that.




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