$8 Billion Deal Brings GOP Healthcare Bill Closer to Passage

Congressional Republicans continue to struggle to come up with an acceptable replacement for Obamacare. They face two large hurdles in doing so. One is that Obamacare was in place too long and too many people don’t want it changes. Second is that they failed to work on a suitable replacement for the past several years and then have rushed to throw something together. Like many things, waiting to the last minute usually ends up with a mediocre result at best.

Two Republican lawmakers who had come out against the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act earlier this week reversed course on Wednesday and threw their support behind the plan after securing more money to help people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Representatives Fred Upton of Michigan, an influential voice in Republican health policy, and Billy Long of Missouri, a close ally of President Trump’s, told reporters after a meeting with Mr. Trump on Wednesday that the latest revisions had won them over. Those included $8 billion in additional funds over five years to supplement the insurance of people with pre-existing health problems.

Mr. Upton predicted the bill was “likely” to pass the House, a tremendous reversal of momentum for a measure that has twice been pulled back from a vote for lack of support.

The greatest problem with any replacement is that it will still be a national socialist healthcare program. Free enterprise and free markets are what made America great and prosperous. Whenever the government gets involved with any business, it generally spells disaster for the American people.

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