74 Countries Hit by Cyber Attack

In 2016, some important malware was stolen from the National Security Agency by a group that calls themselves Shadow Brokers. That malware was used this week as part of a cyber attack that hit 74 European and Asian countries. In some countries like Great Britain, the malware affected hospitals and other medical centers, holding their computers and data for ransom.

Cyber attacks that hit 74 countries across Europe and Asia Friday, impacting the public health system in Britain, apparently involved a leaked hacking tool from the National Security Agency.

The attack used ransomware, which is malware that encrypts data and locks a user from their data until they pay a ransom. The tool, which was leaked by a group known as Shadow Brokers, had been stolen from the N.S.A. as part of a wide swath of tools illegally released in 2016.

Microsoft said that they had rolled out a patch to fix the issue, but certain targets, including the hospitals in Britain, had not yet updated their systems…

In today’s world of sin and corruption, combined with modern technology, evil people will always find new ways to harm and terrorize other people. They’ll hide away in their little rooms and reach out via the internet to destroy the lives of countless people. But they don’t care as they never know who they are impacting or what lives it may cost.

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