18 Penn State Fraternity Members Charged in Hazing Death

Generally, when someone drinks themselves to death, it refers to years of drinking that leads to liver disease, heart disease or other ailments associated with the drinking. In the case of 19-yer-old Timothy Piazza, he drank himself to death in just hours as part of a fraternity hazing. After he passed out from drinking too much, no one bothered to help him as his body began to shut down.

Eighteen fraternity members were charged in the death of a 19-year-old Penn State student who fell multiple times after consuming toxic levels of alcohol — and whose own friends failed to get help for him for many hours, authorities said.

The fraternity brothers’ actions, and inaction, were detailed in grand jury investigation findings released Friday by Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller. The Beta Theta Pi chapter was charged as well.

Timothy Piazza’s death led to the permanent banning of the fraternity from Penn State, and strict new rules for Greek organizations on campus. Penn State’s president called the grand jury’s findings “sickening” and vowed to firmly enforce the new rules.

The way so many young people go wild when they get to college and just want to party and have fun is a sad commentary on the deterioration of America, brought on by liberal ideology. Not only was the event at Penn State tragic in that a young man died, but the careless actions of what happened has now destroyed the lives of 18 others.

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