Will West Virginia Governor Restore Parental Rights?

When you look at the major policies of the Democratic Party, they seem to all lead toward one goal – the total destruction of everything decent, moral and good. They strive to undermine the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and the entire moral foundation this nation was built upon.

Systematically, they have been accomplishing a lot towards that goal, especially during the past 8 years of the Obama administration. During that 8 years, we have seen federal laws and regulations enacted that denied Christians the right to live or speak their faith; parents have lost their parental authority over their children; and illegal aliens and sexual perverts have been given more rights and privileges than the majority of American citizens have and the list goes on and on. It is now legal to persecute and prosecute someone for speaking out against homosexuality, illegal aliens and Muslims, while in many aspects of life, Christians and conservatives are being persecuted and prosecuted for speaking out for their views and faith.

Not that many years ago, parents were held responsible and liable for the actions of their children below the legal age of consent. If someone’s child destroyed private property, the parents had to pay for the damages. No one was allowed to administer any medical services to a child without parental consent.

Thanks to Democrats, that has all changed. Parents are no longer held liable for their children’s actions, resulting in many parents not caring what kind of trouble their kids get into or how much property they destroy. Likewise, Democrats have worked hard to eliminate parental authority, allowing minors to obtain contraceptives and abortions without parental consent or knowledge. I’ve heard some Democrats say that parents don’t have the right to know everything their kids are doing and yet they do want the government to know everything.

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In West Virginia, when Democrats were in control, they added a waiver to a law that allowed a doctor to provide a minor girl permission to have an abortion without notifying the girl’s parents. A waiver like this is a direct attack on parents and the institution of marriage and family.

The waiver also allowed minors to act recklessly and irresponsibly concerning sex, according to Dr. Wanda Franz, of West Virginians for Life. She also commented:

“It became a loophole that simply meant that the girls really were not needing to inform their parents, and the abortionist didn’t have to send the appropriate letter to inform the parents.”

The waiver is not the only way Democrats found to bypass parental knowledge and consent when it comes to their minor daughters getting an abortion. A couple of Democrats introduced a bill to allow doctors to prescribe medicines via the internet, a method known as telemedicine. This would allow a doctor to prescribe abortion drugs for minor girls via the internet without parental knowledge or consent.

Franz commented about this bill, saying:

“We didn’t want to see that new method of abortion open up in the state here, and so we were able to amend that to prevent the telemedicine bill from including the use of an abortion to be prescribed using telemedication methods.”

With the help of pro-life activists like Dr. Franz, a new piece of legislation has been passed by the legislature that closed the waiver loophole that allowed doctors to perform an abortion on a minor girl without having send the proper notification to the parents.

Both pieces of legislation are now on the desk of West Virginia Governor Jim Justice to sign. So far, there has been no indication if he will sign either bill. If he vetoes either bill, pro-life advocates believe they have enough votes to override his veto.

Currently, the West Virginia Senate has 22 Republicans to only 12 Democrats and House has 64 Republicans to 36 Democrats. It may take a special session of the legislature to override the possible vetoes, but that may happen in order to address the state budget.

If you live in West Virginia or have family and friends who do, contact gov. Justice’s office and urge him to sign both bills into law.


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