White House Refuses Congressional Request for Flynn Information

Some members of Congress are on the trail of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn like sharks following the blood trail in the water. And it seems they won’t stop until they have successfully devoured Flynn and destroyed what’s left of his career and possibly even try to send him to prison. However, the Trump White House has refused the latest request from the House Oversight Committee, seeking information on the retired general.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday said the House Oversight Committee’s request for documents on former national security adviser Michael Flynn is “pretty outlandish,” defending the White House’s denial of the request.

“They listed for every call and contact that he made, which is an extraordinary number,” Spicer said at Tuesday’s briefing. “That’s a very unwieldy request.”

“To say we want the national security adviser, whose job it is to talk with foreign counterparts on a daily basis, to document every call he may or may not have made is not exactly a request that’s able to be filled.”

Before Democrats get their skirts and pants all in a twist, they need to remember that there were numerous times that the Obama White House and Justice Department refused to cooperate with congressional investigations. The Obama White House even refused to comply with some congressional subpoenas.

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