Trump Says He’s Disappointed with Congressional Republicans

During the 2016 presidential campaigns, many career Republican politicians, spoke out against Donald Trump because he didn’t follow the career political corruption that permeates Washington DC. Many of those Republicans refused to endorse him, even after he won the GOP nomination. After 100-days in office, Trump has found that many congressional Republicans still fight and balk against some of his policies, which are the policies the American people voted for.

President Trump told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Friday that he’s “disappointed” with how congressional Republicans have handled big legislation on health care and other issues, as he reflected on his first 100 days in office.

At the same time, Trump rejected the notion that he hasn’t had major legislative victories so far – and said he understands the challenge for lawmakers trying to navigate what he called a “very tough system.”

“I’m disappointed,” Trump said, adding, “I’ll tell you [House Speaker] Paul Ryan’s trying very, very hard. I think everybody is trying very hard.”

Many conservatives had hoped that congressional Republicans would get behind President Trump and help him keep his promises to the American people, but sadly, they are still holding a grudge because he’s not one of them. This is why Trump has expressed disappointment with many congressional Republicans. It’s bad enough that he has to deal with the sore losers in the Democratic Party, but when he gets the same from his own Party, it is disappointing for voters, as well.

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