Trump Preparing Rash of Executive Orders Before 100-Day Benchmark

The first 100-days of any presidents first term in office has become an arbitrary benchmark with which to judge the success of the new leader, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media is already saying that Trump has not accomplished very much in his first 100-days. Truth is, they wouldn’t admit it if he had. Since Democrats refuse to cooperate or work with Trump on any issue, he is taking a cue from Obama and is preparing to sign a rash of executive orders to meet the 100-day deadline for more points of his agenda.

President Trump has dismissed the end of his first 100 days in office as an “artificial” marker, but he’s packed the final stretch with a burst of executive orders and lofty legislative goals covering health care, tax reform and more.

Before Saturday’s deadline, Trump plans to sign at least four executive orders — including one aimed at easing regulations on offshore oil and gas exploration and another to protect whistleblowers at the Department of Veterans Affairs, under a microscope for failing to provide adequate patient care. Another would direct the Interior Department to review prior national monument designations.

A senior White House official confirmed the orders to Fox News.

As President Trump prepares to sign a bunch of executive orders, I wonder how many liberal judges are just waiting to issue rulings to block every one of them, like they did his order on immigration and refugees. During his eight years in office, Obama nominated over 300 federal judges, most of which are liberal and tend to rule more by agenda than by law.

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