Triple Your Risk of Stroke by Drinking Diet Soda

Many people have switched to diet sodas or soft drinks because they feel diet is healthier. Diet soft drinks are reported to have less sugar and therefore, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease or becoming toothless and obese. However, a new study found that drinking just one diet soft drink a day can triple your chance of having a stroke. It also increases you chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

Soft drinks – soda – pop; whatever you call it, is multi-billion-dollar business in the United States. Burger, fries and soft drink are the foundation of the fast food industry. Sporting events rely heavily on the sale of soft drinks to help pay their costs. Go to a city park in the summertime, or a local lake and you’ll undoubtedly find ice chests full of soft drinks, and possible more.

However, look at the American people and you’ll see the direct effects of abundant soft drink sales and consumption. We are the most overweight people in the world. America also has a higher degree of childhood obesity and diabetes, part of which has been linked to drinking too many soft drinks. Diabetes has also become an epidemic in our nation.

I humbly admit that I am guilty of what I write. I am overweight and have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. For many years, I enjoyed a Dr. Pepper with my lunch and dinner and am now paying for it. However, I know that my weight and diabetes is directly linked to my diet and lack of exercise. How do I know that? Last July (2016) my A1C (the measure used to diagnose diabetes) was 11.5. Since 6.0 and below is considered normal, my 11.5 was dangerously high. I went on a strict sugar and BAD carbohydrate free diet plus I began exercising. In December, barely 5 months later, my A1C was only 5.2, much to the surprise of my doctor. I also lost 82 pounds during the same time period. If I can keep my A1C this low, it’s possible that I will no longer be a diabetic.

If regular soda is bad for your health and diet soda is also bad for your health, what is left? No one wants to sit down to a bowl of potato chips or pretzels and wash them down with water, but in reality, that is the best choice. Many juices are also loaded with sugar, natural or added, and can be bad for one’s health and blood sugar levels, but juice is generally thought to be better than soda. However, water is best and necessary to keep your body properly hydrated.

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