Tomahawk Cruise Missile Makers Get Stock Boost From Syrian Airstrike

President Donald Trump took decisive action in the early evening on Thursday against a Syrian regime accused of attacking their own population with chemical weapons.

The Commander in Chief tasked two U.S. Navy destroyers to incapacitate the Sharyat airfield in Syria, known to be the origin of the planes that carried out the heinous and illegal attack on unarmed civilians.  The message was clear:  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was to be punished for his crime against humanity, and the wartime atrocity that he had committed and is accused of attempting to hide.

From those Naval warships launched a combined 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles, first deployed to the region during the 1991 Gulf crisis.  All 59 detonated on target at Sharyat.

Now Raytheon, the manufacture of the missiles, is reaping an unexpected reward from an unconventional iteration of the so-called “Trump Effect”:  A stock bump due to the missile’s mission.


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