Time to Ban Swords and Toy Guns?

Gun control advocates argue that banning guns and passing stricter gun control laws will help stop or reduce violent crimes and keep more people alive. They claim that things like universal background checks for all firearm transactions, public and private, are needed to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t be allowed to have them.

Yesterday, I debunked the argument for universal background checks and demonstrated how they are ineffective and do nothing to prevent gun violence and mass shootings. The only real purpose of universal background checks is for the government to force ALL guns to be registered. They want to know who has guns and how many they own. History has clearly demonstrated that this is a very dangerous thing for the people of any nation and usually leads to the government disarming the people then then subduing them under a harsh and cruel regime.

However, if liberal gun control fanatics truly believe the logic they spew to justify the need for gun bans and universal background checks, then they need to apply that across the board to other objects such as knives and toy guns.

Back in 2013, I reported on Chen Mingdong who took a kitchen knife and stabbed his cousin’s wife and her four children to death. The children ranged in age from 9 -years down to 1-year-old. He lived in New York City, a town and state that has strict gun control laws so he used a knife out of convenience. Once inside the apartment, police found Mingdong covered in blood and the bodies of Qiao Zhen Li and her 5 year old son Kevin Zhou. As police searched the apartment, they found the bodies of the other three kids in a back bedroom. During his interrogation, Mingdong admitted to stabbing and killing the five relatives and then told police that he did it because he was jealous of others who come to America and find success. He said he came here from China in 2004 and was greatly disillusioned with his life ever since then.

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Around the same time, two college students at Indiana University stabbed and killed a fellow student in the parking lot of their apartment during an early morning fight.

In my own area, there was a stabbing that took place a month before the others. A pair of brothers got into a fight with one of them stabbing the other in the head and leg. Back in August, 2013, James Pearson, 51 used a box cutter to slash the chest and stomach of another man.  In October 2013, three more people in the Cincinnati area were stabbed.  Richard Grove, 64, his wife Sharon, 58, and their son Matthew, 23, were all found to have stab wounds following a family dispute.

Earlier this week, Isaiah Nelson of Murphy, North Carolina, took using a knife to the extreme when he held his family hostage with a sword.

Above I mentioned toy guns. In September 2014, John Crawford III, a black teen was observed by shoppers in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, waving a gun and even pointing it at other shoppers. Several shoppers called 9-1-1 and police responded. What many shoppers thought was an assault rifle turned out to be a toy gun that Crawford had picked up off a shelf in the store. When police arrived, they ordered Crawford to put the gun down but he failed to comply and when he started to point the gun towards the police, they shot and killed him. A coroner’s report stated that Crawford had marijuana in his system at the time of the shooting.

None of the shoppers that saw Crawford thought that the gun was a toy. Angela Williams thought the gun was real and tried to run from the store but collapsed and died of a heart attack before she could escape. The two officers that responded to the call also thought the gun was real.

In November 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was brandishing a toy air gun at a park. Someone called 9-1-1 to report that a black youth at the park had a gun and was waving it around. When police arrived, they saw Rice with the gun and one of the officers fired a single shot, striking the youth in the abdomen. Rice later died from his wound. The toy gun Rice had is manufactured with an orange plug in the barrel to make it easily identifiable, but that orange plug had been removed.

In the incident with Isaiah Nelson, he not only used a sword to hold his family hostage, but he took a toy gun and made it into a real .22 caliber gun and used it to threaten his family.

If gun control fanatics are true to their logic, they would be pushing for knife and toy gun control, including banning certain types of toy guns and universal background checks for everyone buying or trading or possessing a knife. After all, Nelson had previously been charged with 42 criminal offenses, including drug possession and assault. He never would have passed a background check which according to the logic of gun control fanatics, should have prevented him from possessing the sword or the toy gun.

Incidentally, Nelson has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of kidnapping and others charges that were not specified. What happened next is one of the problems I see with our judicial system. With the serious charges against Nelson and a record of 42 other criminal charges in his past (he’s only 24-years-old) his bail was set at a mere $40,000. What’s to stop him from raising the 10% ($400), getting out of jail and hitting the road? If I were the judge, there would be no bail and no chance to get out and run.

I hope you see that I am using this as an example of how illogical gun control fanatics are and not that I am campaigning for knife or toy gun control, I’m not. The incident with Isaiah Nelson is being used to show that it’s people, not guns, knives, swords or toy guns that kill or threaten other people. American doesn’t need any more laws interfering in our private lives.

There is only 1 solution for America! What we do need is to get back to the Christian and biblical morals and foundations that our nation was built upon. We need a Christian revival or reformation to take place in our nation. The people of American need God, the Bible and Jesus now more than ever. Without God, evil fills the void and we are seeing first-hand what that is like.


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