The Thief

The sand and grit will cut and bite

When carried by the wind’s force and might.

This desolate land so barren and brown

Can’t wait to get back to that miserable town.

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Such pangs of hunger and feet so bare

Must get some money, steal if I dare.

From the rich or the poor, the widow or the lame

It’s not my fault, I’M NOT TO BLAME!


There’s no work to be found in this wretched land

And I was born poor ‘mongst a thieving band.

Never learned a trade or skill or such

For the likes of me, no one would touch.


So steal as I must to get by each day

As long as no one looks this way.

This way of living stinks like a sty

But it’ll be my way until I die.


Get your hands off me you Roman dog

I bought this food, I sold a hog.

What do you mean, throw him in jail

I’ll curse you all, right down to hell.


You call me a liar and then a thief

You’ve hurt my pride, I slump in grief.

Not guilty I claim, may I testify

What! To be nailed to a cross and crucified?


I’ll curse and swear and bite to get free

You Roman swine can’t do this to me.

Carry that cross myself you say

Ha! You’ll not hang me up there today.


You filthy sand ticks, those nails do sting

I told you I’m innocent, don’t do this thing.

It’s not my fault, I’m not to blame

A-a-augh those nails feel hot as flame.


Well what do you know, there’s welcome news

They’re crucifying my next to the King of the Jews.

Hey Lord!  I like the company you keep

I guess we’ve sown and now we’ll reap.


If you’re God’s son and have no fear

Then why don’t you get us down from here?

What’s the matter, cant you speak

Look at me if you’re not too weak.


Oh my Lord the look in those eyes

Don’t swear at Him, don’t you realize?

He’s innocent, not like me

What are doing, can’t you see?


Lord forgive me and let me dwell

At your feet in heaven and not in hell.

I know my life has been but sin

But let my other life with you begin.


My guilt is no more and the pain is gone

For the first time in my life I feel like song

If only I’d found you before this day

I wouldn’t have sinned my life away.


R L David Jolly



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