Teen Girl Arrested After Trying to Call 9-1-1 to Get Help for Her Dad

I’ve said many times that I support most law enforcement personnel as I’ve had family and friends serve in that field. Some have even manned the 9-1-1 call centers. But none of them have ever treated a caller like what happened to a teenage girl who found her father in need of emergency medical care after having brain surgery. What happened is more the fault of the officer at the call center than it was the girl, but she was the one arrested.

Adrianne Ledesema, a 17-year-old girl living in Linkoln Park, Michigan was arrested after calling 911 to help her father, for saying a curse word.

Ledesema returned home to find her father having a seizure on the floor, shortly after having brain surgery. She then called 911 in a panic. However, instead of getting the help she needed, she was arrested.

While the teen was frantically trying to get ahold of help, her first call went unanswered, so she hung up and tried calling again. During the time of waiting for someone to answer her second call, she muttered a curse word, not aware that it was being recorded, even before the operator answered.

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In any job when you deal with the public, you are generally expected to conduct yourself in a proper manner. Answering emergency calls also requires a degree of understanding, patience and compassion. However, Sgt. McFarland displayed none of these qualities in taking the calls from a 17-year-old girl panicking over her father’s seizures. Hopefully, he will be disciplined for his actions and receive further training.



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