Taxpayers Agree with Trump’s Hire and Buy American Order

After World War 2, the United States helped to rebuild Japan and even parts of China. Without American money and support, chances are it would have taken Japan many more years to develop into a world giant in manufacturing and technology. The same could be said for other countries as well. As America prospered after World War, so did many other nations.

By the 1970’s, many products sold in America were manufactured in other countries. Labor costs in those countries was so cheap that a number of American companies found it cheaper to ship goods to America rather than to manufacture the goods here.

Unions were largely responsible for this as they kept driving American labor costs higher and higher. Consequently, many companies either moved their facilities to other countries or closed their plants here and hired foreign companies to manufacture their products for them.

At least one of America’s auto makers built facilities in Mexico, because of the cheaper labor. A friend of mine was very big into buying American so he was happy when he bought his General Motors pickup truck. But he continued to have problems with the truck. After numerous repairs, he discovered that his truck was made and assembled in Mexico, not the US. The problems he had with it were due to the bolts between the engine and transmission not lining up properly. Out of frustration, he sold the truck and bought a new pickup truck that was made in America. The ironic part was that his new truck was a Toyota. His GMC truck was made in Mexico and his Toyota truck was made here in America.

At one time, it was very difficult to find affordable electronic devices – televisions, radios, stereos, etc. that were made here in the United States. Most of the affordable products available in the stores were made in Japan or China (probably Hong Kong).

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There still are many examples of American companies operating in other countries. For instance, try calling a help desk for a number of companies and chances are you’ll be talking to someone in India or that part of the world. I once talked to a help desk man who said he was located in Georgia, but after a few more questions on my part, he finally revealed that he was in India.

The dichotomy of labor costs between the United States and many other parts of the world has cost millions of Americans their jobs. In some ways, you really can’t blame the head of a company who can make 10%-50% more profit by having their company located outside the US. After all, they are in business to make money, generally for themselves and stockholders.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump coined his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ and promised to bring jobs back to the United States. He said he would work with companies to get them to stay in or return to the United States.

Since taking office in January, he has been working with a number of large companies to do just that. He has worked with Boeing and some of the auto makers to keep jobs here in the US. However, some opponents say that buying and hiring American will cost more and that’s not a good thing either.

Rasmussen Reports decided to ask likely voters how they felt on the issue. In one of their most recent polls of likely voters, they asked two questions:

“1* Federal agencies have been ordered to ‘aggressively promote and use American-made goods and to ensure that American labor is hired to do the job.’ Do you favor or oppose the order to the federal government to buy American and hire American?”

“2* In the long run, will it cost taxpayers more or less for the federal government to buy American and hire American? Or will the cost be about the same?”

How did likely voters respond?

Seventy-two percent of likely voters said they favored the order to buy and hire American. Only 15% were opposed to the idea and 13% just weren’t sure.

Responding to the second question, 42% of likely voters said they believe buying and hiring American will cost US taxpayers more. Fifteen percent said it would cost taxpayers less and 35% said they figure it would be about the same.

Of the 42% that said they believe buying and hiring American would cost taxpayers more, 62% said they supported President Trump’s requirement to all government agencies.

Believe it or not, 59% of Democrats that responded to the survey, supported the buying and hiring American. Of those responding, 83% of Republican voters and 75% of voters not affiliated with any political party said they also supported the President’s order. What surprised me is that ONLY 59% of Democrats support the order when most unions are Democrat controlled and in right to work states, you will generally find more Democrats joining a labor union than you will Republicans. Since most unions are all for American made, one would have expected a greater percentage of Democrat support for the issue, but alas, the election bitterness is still strong with many of them. Perhaps they’ll feel different when more American companies begin hiring more American workers, causing the economy to improve?


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