T-Mobile Joins Big Boys – Spends $8 Billion to Get Signal Nationwide

Competition for your cell phone business is heating up. For a number of years, the leader in nationwide coverage has been Verizon Wireless. Most of us remember their commercials – ‘can you hear me now?’

Over the past year, AT&T expanded a lot of their coverage the guy that used to do the Verizon commercials jumped ship and started doing commercials for AT&T.

Now, T-Mobile has announced that they just spent $8 billion to expand their coverage nationwide including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and into the Gulf of Mexico (from the southern tip of Florida across the Gulf to the southern tip of Texas.

The wireless company was the biggest spender when the FCC opened auction on low-band spectrum. They purchased 45% of the available spectrum so that they would have some coverage in every region of the nation.

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Surprisingly, the next two biggest spenders at the FCC low-band spectrum auction was Dish – spending $6.2 billion and Comcast – spending $1.7 billion.

Since Dish is known more for its satellite service, some are speculating that their huge purchase is an indication that they may be about to jump into the wireless home internet competition using 5G technology.

Comcast owns and operates Xfinity Mobile. Currently, Xfinity sends their signals using Verizon towers and some are wondering if their expenditure is a sign that they may start building their own network.



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