SURPRISE! KKK Threats Made by Black Man

At the end of the Civil War, a number of southerners bitter over losing their slaves banded together to form the Ku Klux Klan. Their purpose was to intimidate, frighten and harass free blacks.

The KKK ceased to exist around 1870 but was revived again around 1915 and continued to menace thousands of black Americans, especially in the South until about 1944. It once again ceased to exist, but the hiatus was short lived as it once again raised its ugly head around 1946 and continues on to this day.

They hide their identities by wearing white robes and long pointed hoods. Originally, this was done to prevent from being convicted of the many crimes they carried out.

Over the years, the KKK has been associated with white supremacists who carry the racial prejudices of their ancestors. Sadly, many KKK members supported Donald Trump for president.

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One such Trump supporting Klan member has been sending threatening letters to residents in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. That person has been identified and surprise, he’s not white…



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