Students Banned from Wearing Cross Necklaces by Teacher

A pro-LGBT high school teacher in Florida is demanding that students in her class remove their Christian cross necklaces. She claims they are ‘gang signs’. The same teacher has on numerous occasions openly promoted pro-LGBT material in her classes and some believe she is intentionally violating the First Amendment religious rights of students because of what Christianity says about LGBT lifestyles.

Lora Jane Riedas, a Florida teacher at Hillsborough County Public School, has reportedly banned three students so far from wearing a cross necklaces, symbolizing Christianity, to her class.

A non-profit litigation group has taken an interest in the situation, and sent a letter to the school’s superintendent, Jeff Eakins, explaining the wrong-doings of Riedas.

The letter claims that Riedas intentionally violated the student’s rights, as well as pushed the LGBTQ’s agenda.

Liberty Counsel has taken up the legal cause of the three students targets by the activist teacher. Hopefully, the school district will take swift action and terminate this radical teacher immediately. Parents in the school need to pull their kids out of all of her classes and gather in mass at the district offices, demanding they take immediate action.

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