Student Claims ‘Privilege as a White Male’ Gives Him Right to Destroy Pro-Life Display

Keaton Aspell is an intolerant liberal bigot who should be expelled from college, arrested for destroying a pro-life display and ordered to repay the pro-life group for the costs of the display he destroyed! His recent actions are typical of the liberals who claim to value freedom of speech and tolerance, but who act otherwise.

During the 2016 election, America witnessed the intolerance of the liberal left. Whenever Donald Trump or any other Republican said anything that the liberal left disagreed with, Trump and others were labeled as bigots, haters and intolerant. This even happened by the mainstream liberal media.

When Trump said he wanted to secure the border and protect America, the liberal left accused him of hate and discrimination. Unfortunately, my occupation requires me to watch a certain amount of mainstream media news, which frequently gets me quite irate. I recall watching one popular morning national news when one of the anchors said that Trump should not be allowed to run for President for daring to say he wanted to protect America and secure the border. She went on to accuse him of being so filled with hatred that he’s blinded to the truth. I remember thinking that she was the one blinded to the truth by her overt liberalism.

Keaton Aspell reminds me of that extremely liberally biased news anchor who is so blinded by their extremism.

Students for Life at Washington State University had held a brief ceremony and then placed 300 pink crosses in the lawn in front of Holland Library on campus. The display was called ‘Cemetery of the Innocent’ and each cross represented 10 children aborted every day in America.

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After leaving a morning class, Aspell headed to a campus bus stop when he passed the pro-life display. What happened next displays just how intolerant left-winged liberals are, as Aspell told the media:

“I walked down through the grass and turned. Then I saw the signs and my jaw dropped.”

“I was like, ‘this is disgusting. I don’t think it creates any type of unity. I think it just causes divisiveness and they are just pushing their religious agenda and it really made me mad.”

After destroying the pro-life display, Aspell then took to Facebook where he bragged about destroying the display and explained why he believed he had the right to do so:

“This morning I came across a pro life demonstration and after reading the signs I was absolutely appalled. Although I believe in freedom of speech i (sic) feel that this kind of demonstration has no place on the WSU campus or any campus for that matter.

“Although those who set up the demonstration argued they were trying to stop abortions i (sic) didn’t feel that this was accomplishing that goal at all. Nobody who saw this left more educated or informed and mostly were disgusted, this targeted women who have already got (sic) through the struggle of choosing abortion in order to make them feel guilty. I will continue to use my privilege as a white male to give a voice to those who often are left unheard.” [emphasis mine]

Students for Life retrieved their crosses and signs from the trash and began to restore the Cemetery of the Innocent when Aspell showed up and confronted them. Eventually, a campus police officer became involved and broke the escalating verbal encounter.

Afterwards, Aspell wrote an apology on Facebook, saying:

“I would like to apologize again to the WSU students for life for destroying their property and thank them for not pressing charges. After realizing my actions were wrong I organized a peaceful protest. I was talked to by the police and realized I had taken an extreme action and was made aware of the legal charges that could be brought up if I were to continue…”

I see his apology as being empty, hollow and completely insincere. He was apologizing for being caught, not for his actions. He may have been thankful that Students for Life did not press charges, but had I been one of them, I would have insisted he be charged and I would have insisted that the university expel him for his hateful, racist and bigoted actions and comments.

There is a lot I could say about Aspell that I haven’t already said, but I believe that KIRO radio host Jason Rantz said it best:

“So, if self-appointed Thought Police Aspell doesn’t think you’re effectively accomplishing your goal, he will destroy the demonstration. …”

“Aspell is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with too many Progressive millennials. They preach tolerance by silencing any opposition; they scream out against fascism while taking a page out of fascist playbooks. And while he’s not at all the victim, Aspell will pretend to be, all while proudly proclaiming how he, a white man, should get kudos for standing up for women he apparently doesn’t think can stand up for themselves. This is called virtue signaling.”


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