Source Says California Considering Travel Ban Against Conservatism

California – the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, liberals and intolerant bigots! There is no doubt that the home state of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters IS THE most liberal state and hypocritical state in the nation. They want everyone to tolerate their liberal views but actively fight against tolerating the views of others, as demonstrated by the blockage of free speech such as with Ann Coulter. Now, they are reportedly taking another step towards intolerance and bigotry.

To find the most egregious examples of liberal bigotry and New Fascism, one must look only as far as the west coast of the United States.

As America’s leftist hate mongers continue to rain down their deplorable vitriol on President Donald Trump and the conservative republicans who he is leading to victory after victory, the rest of the nation is beginning to recognize their madness.  Not only have these liberals been pushing a modern segregationist movement on the rest of the nation, but they have been violently opposing conservative principles such as free speech and freedom of religion in disgusting fashion.

Nowhere has this disgusting practice been more apparent than in the liberal stronghold of California; a state known for their ridiculous leftist antics and violent opposition to all things conservative.  Now, the bluest of blue states is taking their nonsense a step further, and robbing the students of the state of much more than just a quality education.

If Phyllis Schlafley Eagles is correct in her analysis of the actions being taken in California, it would prove just how far left the state has become. Consider that they provided a mans for illegal aliens to vote, much of the state is a sanctuary area for illegals and they blocked President Trump’s executive order to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities, and it’s the home of Hollywood, the most liberal industry in the land, proves just how far off the deep end the state has gone.

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