SF Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Order Against Sanctuary Cities was Democrat Activist

Sanctuary cities choose to openly violate federal immigration laws, therefore, why should they receive millions of dollars from the federal government they are defying? That’s the opinion of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which is why Trump issued an executive order to cut federal funding from all sanctuary cities. However, one liberal judge in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, issued an order to block President Trump. Now it’s being revealed that this judge is a Democrat activist, so he ruled on agenda, not law.

The judge who struck down a Trump administration crackdown on sanctuary cities is a hard-core Democrat activist whose life has been steeped in liberal politics since childhood.

Judge William Orrick III, 63, who on Tuesday blocked the administration from withholding federal funds from cities that don’t cooperate with federal immigration officials, attended the landmark 1968 Democratic National Convention as a teen and more recently raised money for 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry.

“I will not let my personal views interfere with the administration of justice,” Orrick assured lawmakers in 2013, when he was confirmed as a federal judge on the District of Northern California. “I have never let my political beliefs affect my legal judgment, and believe that politics have no place in the courtroom.”

The US Constitution states that federal judges are to serve as long as they are in ‘good behavior’, but when they start ruling on their own personal political agendas and not on law, they are no longer serving in good behavior and therefore should be removed from the bench.

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