Sessions Begins Stripping Funds from Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump threatened to cut off federal funding from all cities that continued to operate as sanctuary cities. He justified the action by saying that these cities are violating federal immigration laws and therefore should not be entitled to receive federal funding. A few cities gave in and stopped their sanctuary status, but many others remained defiant. Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun the legal process of cutting the federal funds from all sanctuary cities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday demanded that nine jurisdictions produce proof that they are communicating with federal authorities about undocumented immigrants or risk losing grant funding.

Sessions sent letters to the nine jurisdictions, including Philadelphia, New York and Chicago, in the latest sign that the Trump administration intends to punish what are sometimes called sanctuary cities that do not cooperate in its promised crackdown on illegal immigration.

President Trump signed an executive order in January declaring that sanctuary jurisdictions would not be eligible to receive federal grants, and Sessions vowed last month during a White House news conference to take Justice Department money from such places.

Hopefully, the lack of millions of dollars in federal funding will force many cities to stop protecting illegal aliens and defying federal laws. If not, it will save the federal government many millions of dollars that could go towards paying some of the nation’s debt. It’s time Americans start keeping the law instead of openly violating laws as Barack Obama and his administration repeatedly did.

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