SEIU Accuses Muslim Organization of Trying to Bust the Union

I’ve never been a fan of unions nor am I a fan of Muslims (since I’m a devout Christian), but I have to applaud the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for their anti-union efforts. The SEIU is a socialist run and Democrat supporting union that spends millions of union member’s dues on liberal political activism. The SEIU is trying to unionize a group of workers in Maryland, but have found CAIR to be actively trying to prevent the unionization of their people and the union doesn’t like them using union tactics against them.

The nation’s largest Muslim advocacy organization has been hit with charges of union busting amid a row with a labor union attempting to organize its Washington, D.C., staff.

The Maryland-based Service Employees International Union Local 500 filed a charge of unfair labor practices against the Council on American-Islamic Relations — alleging that the Islamic civil rights group denied union organizers access to the workplace, made threatening and coercive statements to workers ahead of a planned organizing vote and fired at least three employees for attempting to organize workers.

The charges — which delayed the scheduled Monday workplace organizing vote by CAIR’s staff scheduled — were filed with the National Labor Relations Board, the United States main federal labor law enforcement agency. The filings were posted on the NLRB’s website, but the actual complaint from the SEIU Local 500 has not been made public.

I have to give credit to the Muslim group CAIR for fighting against being unionized by the SEIU, especially with the socialist and political history of the labor union. If every state became a right to work state or the current Republican controlled Congress would pass a federal right to work law, clashes like this would not be taking place. 

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