Registering Future Democrat Voters at Birth

Barack Obama and other Democrats worked hard to put programs in place to allow illegal aliens to register to vote and then cast votes in last year’s election. In states like California and Oregon, laws were passed that automatically registered people to vote when they obtained or renewed a valid state driver’s license. Since under Obama’s illegal immigration orders, millions of illegal aliens were allowed to obtain valid driver’s licenses, that meant that millions of illegal aliens could be automatically registered to vote, even though federal law prohibits them from voting. This plan not only made it possible for illegals and even some convicted felons to vote, but also people that are legally too young to vote.

The plan almost worked as reported by The Washington Times:

“A large number of non-citizen Hispanics, as many as 2 million, were illegally registered to vote in the U.S., according to a nationwide poll.”

“The National Hispanic Survey provides additional evidence for use by anti-voter fraud conservatives and bolsters an analysis by professors at Old Dominion University who say non-citizens registered and voted in potentially large numbers.”

“President Trump has announced he will appoint a task force on voter fraud headed by Vice President Mike Pence. He says he wants the investigation to focus on inaccurate voter registration rolls, which are maintained by the states and the District of Columbia.”

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“‘It is a fact and you will not deny it, that there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote,’ White House adviser Stephen Miller told ABC News. ‘That is a scandal. We should stop the presses’.”

Now some Democrats are trying to push legislation that would register someone to vote when they are born, in Nevada, New Mexico and Washington. According to a report:

In Nevada and New Mexico, a liberal group is pressuring the legislatures to let people register when they get driver’s licenses.

In Ohio, progressive activists have thrown their support behind a mayoral candidate because she fights with Republicans about voting access.

Across the country, Democrats and their allies are plotting a quiet and disjointed but considerable push to make voting easier by dismantling registration barriers and promoting candidates who want to expand voting rights. It’s all an effort to reshape the electorate by creating new Democratic voters.

If successful, the effect could be profound. The more people who vote, the better Democrats usually do in everything from a marquee presidential election to little-noticed municipal race.

“Democrats have been on the defensive,” said Tina Podlodowski, chairwoman of the Washington State Democratic Party. “We’ve tried to get on the offensive, and I think people are starting to listen more and more to that.”

How many people change political parties as they grow older? I did. My dad was a Democrat for years and I grew up a Democrat until I got old enough to vote and began paying more attention to what was happening in our country. That’s when I switched to the Republican Party.

These efforts to register people to vote when they are born is a clear sign of how desperate some Democrats are getting over the possibility of prolonged Republican control. If they can’t win elections honestly, they turn to underhanded tactics like this.


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