REAL Scientist Exposes Global Warming Hoax on CNN

Bill Nye the ‘Science Guy’ turned into an international crybaby as a real scientist debunked the global warming hype on one of the most liberal networks in the nation – CNN. In response to the scientist’s report, Bill Nye reacted to the report just like a three-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He lashed out at CNN, telling them they were doing a disservice by allowing anyone to go on their network and speak out against global warming.

If there’s one thing that Bill Nye the “Science” Guy knows, it’s how to keep his name on the tip of the liberal media’s tongue.

The engineering school graduate, who has magically become an expert on complex scientific issues such as climate change, has recently been on a tear throughout the press as his new Netflix-only series premieres this week.

Nye, who is riding a millennial wave of nostalgia into a second chance at an entertainment career, has fallen victim to the same bunk science that propelled liberal colleagues Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore into lucrative global warming hoax films.  Now, when confronted with an actual scientist who refutes the left’s stance on climate change, Bill Nye has been forced into the same pattern of behavior that has permeated the liberal movement:  Whining and crying.

Scientific facts who that the current global warming is a natural cycle that has happened for centuries. Liberals are using this to push their socialist legislation to control businesses and nations and to raise more tax money so they can spend like there is no tomorrow. It’s typical for liberals like Nye to whine and cry whenever anyone exposes the truth and oppose their agenda.

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