Pundit says Obama Spying Scandal makes Watergate look like a “Little Spat”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a conservative pundit who is an expert on national security and counterterrorism, he’s also been a target of leftist smear campaigns because of his close ties to the Trump administration.

On Wednesday night, Gorka appeared on Fox News’ the Hannity Show, to discuss the ongoing imbroglio over the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign and transition teams. While the mainstream media would like to pretend that the spying scandal is a big “nothingburger,” Hannity and Gorka expose why it is an important story and why the media should be covering it.

I listen to your radio show as I was coming into the show today. You had a former operative talk about how it’s not rocket science to engineer a network analysis of telephone calls, who is calling who. If you want to attack me or Steve Bannon or Steve Miller or Kellyanne Conway, you say, ‘Oh, they regularly call their nephew in Canada. Well, that’s a foreigner. I don’t need the same kind of intelligence authorities to intercept a foreign call. Then you start to find a way to unmask all of these conversations so that you can make political profit. That’s a very, very tenable theory. And that’s the kind of thing we have to find out if it was really happening. Because if that’s the case, that is weaponizing intelligence for political purposes against your other party…

[On Watergate comparison] Losing 14 minutes of audiotape in comparison to this is a little spat in the sandbox in the kindergarten.


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