PolitiFact Verifies Top Dems (Obama, Clinton, Schumer) Voted to Fund Border Wall

Top Democrats, from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claims to be adamantly opposed to funding a border wall with Mexico. When White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney announced that top Democrats including Schumer had voted to fund a border wall in 2006, Schumer and other top Dems denied the allegations. It’s great that liberally run PolitiFact has verified that indeed then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer did vote to fund the border wall. The 2006 vote was 80 to 19 in favor of the border wall.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said he doesn’t understand Democratic opposition to funding the border wall because top Democrats voted for it just over 10 years ago.

During an April 23 segment on Fox News Sunday, Mulvaney talked down concerns about a government shutdown, but scolded Democrats for obstructing action on Trump’s border wall. Mulvaney pointed to the voting record of top Democrats in 2006 to explain his confusion.

“We want our priorities funded and one of the biggest priorities during the campaign was border security, keeping Americans safe, and part of that was a border wall,” he said.

In 2006, there were no provisions in place to open the way for millions of illegal aliens to illegally vote in elections, so there was no need for the Democrats to oppose a border wall at the time. However, after 8 years under Obama and Democrat control, a number of states have passed laws that pave the way for illegals to illegally vote. Since Democrats lost this past election, they need all the illegal votes they can get in the future, so they now oppose a border wall.

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