Oregon Senate to Consider Anti-Gun Bill

Oregon, at least many parts of it, is a beautiful state, but like so many beautiful places in the United States, it seems to be a magnet for liberals who seeks to destroy the America many of us value and treasure. Their liberal legislature passed a bill that allowed illegal aliens to register to vote and their liberal governor signed it into law in plenty of time for them to vote in the 2016 election.

The anti-gun legislators are doing their best to prevent people from using their second amendment rights. Now, a bill is going to the Senate in Oregon, which would allow people who have been reported as “mentally unfit” to lose their gun rights, without due process of law. This isn’t right!

People could be reported unfit by people are could be mistaken, seeking harm, or even someone who has very minimal contact with them. None of which have to be mental health professionals.

NRA-ILA reports:

Over the last 100 years, history shows that strict gun control laws generally lead to a socialist, communist or dictatorial takeover of a country, which is why so many liberals fight so hard to push gun-control laws here in America. They know that with more guns than people in the hands of the people, will make it difficult and bloody to stage a takeover of America, but mark my word, that’s exactly what they have in mind.

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