One of Nation’s Largest Socialist Unions Spent $90 M of Member Dues on Failed Political Agenda

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a huge labor union of nearly 2 million workers in the United States and Canada. It was started in Chicago in 1921 as labor union for janitors, window washers and elevator operators, most of which were immigrants. The purpose of the union was to improve working conditions, pay and benefits.

Today, the SEIU has become a huge political force that pushes, promotes and spends millions of union dues dollars on many socialist agendas and candidates. During the 2008 presidential campaign, the SEIU spent nearly $30 million supporting the campaign of Barack Obama.

Ironically, Obama denounced the Supreme Court ruling which granted freedom for organizations to campaign for or against political candidates. In 2010 while delivering his State of the Union address, President Obama looked the Supreme Court justices in the face and told them they were wrong to have allowed special interests to spend without limits on campaigns. ‘I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests,’ he said. ‘They should be decided by the American people’.”

However, he was glad to take the millions of dollars from special interest groups like Super PACs and the SEIU. During the 2012 campaigns, they spent around $70 million on a number of Democrat campaigns.

During the 2012 campaign, the SEIU hired a number of union people, paying them $11 an hour and bussed them to Bedford, Ohio to protest and disrupt a Mitt Romney campaign rally. That was the same campaign rally where a black woman admitted that she was voting for Obama because he gave her a free cell phone. When asked what she didn’t like about Romney, she didn’t have an answer.

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In 2012, the SEIU began a campaign to push Congress to establish a minimum wage of $15 and hour. They began spending union dues collected from those making minimum wage to pay for this political push.

In July 2014, SEIU members in the fast food industry threatened civil disobedience if they didn’t get $15 and hour. They didn’t care about where the extra money would come from, even if it meant that some of them would lose their jobs, they just wanted more money.

According to a recent study, it was learned that the SEIU has spent more than $90 million of hard earned union dues to push for $15 an hour minimum wage, and guess what they’ve achieved for their money?

“An analysis of the 2016 financial disclosures from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to the Department of Labor by the Center for Union Facts (CUF) reveals that the union spent over $90 million on the Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign since 2012 without a single major policy victory.”

“The watchdog CUF says that in addition, membership for the union — which represents public service workers, nurses, hospital staff and home-care providers, building services, security guards and food service workers — has been waning since the start of the initiative.”

“‘After five years and $90 million or more spent on the Fight for $15 campaign, the [SEIU] has failed to make progress on the metric that matters most: Getting more dues-paying members in the restaurant industry,’ CUF Executive Director Richard Berman said to Fox News. ‘It was reported earlier this year that the SEIU is cutting back its spending in the Trump era, and the costly and unproductive $15 campaign is surely on the chopping block’.”

“‘An SEIU pullback on $15 wouldn’t be surprising — the UFCW [United Food and Commercial Workers] ended its commitment to the ‘OUR Walmart’ campaign after it became clear that employees had no interest in what they were selling. It’s a lesson the SEIU may soon learn the hard way’.”

If the SEIU really cared about their members as they say they do, they wouldn’t have wasted $90 million of their members’ hard earned union dues on a failed political agenda. Just think what $90 million could do to many of the lives of SEIU members???


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