Obama Pizza Regulation Set to Take Effect, Will Adversely Affect Small Business Owners

The government has gotten extremely bloated over the course of 240-plus years, but up until this year, none of that bloat had anything to do with pizza.

But, as with all things, our government cannot stand idly by and allow the free market to dictate the lives of the American people.  Worse yet, when the government decides to get involved with your daily life, things rarely get simpler or safer or more streamlined.

When you add disastrous, leftists politicians like Barack Obama into the mix, things can get downright ugly.  Take, for example, a new Obama-era regulation set to take affect in a few short weeks.

“Thanks to Obamacare, franchise restaurants (with more than 20 locations) will have to provide calorie counts for every item on the menu – and every possible variant of that item. That’s no big deal for a franchise with relatively simple offerings, but think about all the different possibilities on something like pizza, or the number of ways you can customize a drink at Starbucks, and it becomes a logistical nightmare.”

While this sounds like the kind of job that Papa John’s or Pizza Hut will likely give to an unpaid intern in their accounting department, Mom and Pop’s pizza shop around the corner might have a difficult time making all of that information available on a menu in accordance with the Obamacare guidelines.

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