NRA Campaign to Protect Right to Hunt

For centuries, mankind has hunted birds and game animals, mostly as a means of providing food for their families. However, in today’s world filled with ignorant liberalism, hunting is being threatened as an archaic and unnecessary part of modern culture. It is often called cruel, inhumane and nothing more than a sign of male egotism and it promotes violence.

Like many Americans, I grew up hunting and fishing. They served several purposes. It was a family function where we spent quality time with our parents and siblings. In today’s America, far too many moms and dads are too busy to spend quality time with their kids. They are too wrapped up in their careers and own activities to even take time to be involved with their children’s education, let alone spend weekends or vacation time in the great outdoors hunting and fishing.

My parents did not make a lot of money and we relied on hunting and fishing as a means to also help feed the family. Coming home with a stringer full of bass, catfish, bluegill or trout meant protein on the table for a number of meals. Shooting rabbits, dove and quail also provided meat for our family of 6. Deer season was the highlight of the year as one deer provided many meals for two adults and four growing kids.

Hunting and fishing also taught us many skills that are still useful today. It taught us gun safety and how to protect ourselves. It taught us patience, something lost in today’s hectic and busy world. It also taught us a number of survival skills that are useful.

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It also taught us a love of nature and respect for the animals, birds, fish and environment. It was these lessons that drove me to obtain my college degree in wildlife and fisheries management, where I learned so much more.

In my wildlife management class, the professor talked about how for years, most of the funding for state and federal game and fish departments came from hunters and fisherman. All of the supplies they bought, even a small package of fishing hooks or box of 50 .22 caliber bullets provided money for effective wildlife and fishery management and conservation efforts. However, that trend began changing about 40 years ago as more and more environmental groups became popular.

Sadly, most of the environmental groups rely on ignorant emotion instead of scientific fact and procedures. In the long run, many of these groups do more harm than good.

My favorite example is the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Early European explorers to America released horse and burros into the wild. Over several centuries, they grew in numbers and they compete with native wildlife for survival. For the sake of native wildlife, it necessary to control herd numbers and the only truly effective way to do that was by shooting them or herding them up and then killing them and using their meat for dogfood or to ship to nations who eat horse meat. Frankly, I’ve eaten horse meat and it’s delicious and poses no more of a health threat than beef does.

Wild burros don’t just compete against native wildlife, but in many areas, they destroy the environment and make it impossible for native wildlife to survive. In the southwest, there are vast areas that have been so ruined by wild burros that native desert bighorn sheep and deer are disappearing altogether.

Then a school teacher began a writing campaign with students to protect the wild horses and before long, a federal law was passed giving wild horses and burros (both introduced and non-native species) more protection than native wildlife. The law crippled the hands of state and federal wildlife officers who were no longer allowed to try to control these introduced animals that pose a serious threat to native wildlife. Under the federal law, if you just spook a wild horse or burro, you could be charged and convicted of a federal felony. However, you can go out and poach a deer, elk, desert bighorn and it’s just a misdemeanor.

Another classic example is the Disney movie Bambi. After the movie came out, millions of Americans campaigned to stop deer hunting and in some places that happened. It was a wildlife and environmental disaster. A given area of land can only support so many animals – it’s called carrying capacity. Without hunting keeping the herd numbers in check, deer herds multiplied beyond the carrying capacity. They ate everything possible, destroying many habitats. Several years later, there were massive deer die-offs. Say an area only supported 1,000 deer but after several years of no hunting, herds grew to 1,200 to 1,500 in the same areas. What happened in a harsh winter was nearly 1,000 deer died off from starvation or disease. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather die from a bullet than the slow and painful death of starvation in the cold.

Bleeding heart do-gooders and anti-gun liberals are challenging the rights of Americans to hunt. Some groups want to give animals the same rights as treatment as humans have. Others see hunting as supporting and teaching gun violence and if they can stop hunting, they can help disarm the American people.

The NRA has launched a national program to save hunting. NRA Hunting is working to educate people of the many benefits and useful purposes of hunting. Josh Powell, national spokesman for the campaign explained:

“Hunting teaches you a number of things, whether it’s self-reliance, whether it’s conservation, whether it’s being able to take care of yourself in the absence of a supermarket …” There is a massive misconception out there within this anti-hunting community in terms of exactly what they are doing and achieving, because they’re not saving animals, they’re not saving the environment.”

“I think if many people really understood what the PETAs of the world, what HSUS stood for—Wayne Pacelle, Peter Singer, that whole crowd—I think they’d be pretty shocked. And I think they’d find that at the core of their mission … it’s about having a lot less of you and I, and animals end up with the same rights as human beings ….”

If you value the right and need to hunt, then I strongly urge you to contact the NRA Hunting campaign and fight for the right to hunt for many different reasons. Help stop people like Peter Singer who want to place animals over the rights of people.


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